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Simple Low Cost Staging Tips

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Staging is not decorating it’s helping buyers visualize their life in your home.  Staging is highlighting your home’s strengths, downplaying  its weaknesses and appealing to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.  Here are just a few of the simple low-cost staging tips I give clients looking for advice on how to best prepare their home for sale.

Grab them at the curb.

Grab them at the curb.

You had me a hello ! First grab them at the curve.    Make  buyers fall in love with your home from the street by adding potted plants and flowers, power-washing driveways and walkways, weeding thegarden and mowing the lawn. It’s your first chance to make a good impression, so you’ve got to make it count.  Re-finish faded old front doors.



The second best thing you can do is de-clutter remember less is best.  Remove personal items so buyers can see visualize their style and personal items in the space.

Paint – when colors are neutral it’s a lot easier to sell.     To make a small room feel bigger paint it the same color as the adjacent room.  A neutral home appears larger and  remember buyers need to be able to see their furniture and personal items in your home. Also, open up blinds and draperies to make sure there’s enough natural light throughout the home.

Remove over sized unnecessary furniture.  Too much furniture or oversized furniture makes a room feel small.  Rearrange or remove furniture to reveal great window views.

Renew the look of the room by replacing old or dated light fixtures, door hardware, light switches and outlets. If it’s tacky and older than you, get it out of there.  It’s a low-cost way to spruce up the look and feel of your home.

Make your home temperature comfortable.  Now is not the time to save a few dollars on your air-conditioning or heating bill make the buyers comfortable enough to want to stay.

Organize your storage areas and closets.  It’s time to clean out those closets – your moving anyway might as well start by getting rid or all the unwanted unused items you stuffed in your closets ” one day you might use it again”.

If you are thinking of selling your home please call me I am happy to come and evaluate your home with these and more simple staging tips.

Connie Vallone First Market Realty –  or  713 249 4177


  1. Some great tips here! I loved the tip about painting a room the same color as the adjacent room to make it appear larger. Once you’re done with the staging, head over to to purchase the real estate deeds you will need!

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